Small Business Owners and A New Immigration Policy

Immigrants viewed through a prism of a new political prism.

When President Donald Trump was campaigning, he appealed to the white working class by promising them jobs through mass deportations of illegal immigrants. He also pledged to keep Muslims out of the country and build a wall on the border with Mexico. What this meant was that immigrants would find it very hard to enter the United States and achieve the American dream. Also, the immigrants already in the country would face an uncertain future because they could face deportation if they were involved in a minor legal infraction. But what do all these immigration issues mean for small businesses?

Where to look for help?

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is the premier small-business lobbying organization in the US. Its members were surveyed, and over 90 percent felt that illegal immigration was a problem while 70 percent ranked it as a serious issue. 78 percent felt that any employer who knowingly hires illegal aliens should face increased penalties. It is not surprising given that America is founded on small business ownership, and most American citizens or permanent legal residents would like to have a greater shot at succeeding in business. But this would not be possible if migrants continued to provide stiff competition in the business arena.

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However, another survey conducted by Yahoo Aabaco  revealed that 52 percent of small business owners feel that the Trump administration will negatively affect their business. The majority of small business owners worry about the state of the nation’s economy and the likely impact on trade. Political factors such as immigration issues are starting to affect small businesses, and some business owners have reported a dip in sales that began shortly after Donald Trump took office. Some small business owners have been forced to dismiss some workers. But 48 percent of small business owners felt that new tax regulations and repealing the Obama Care would soften the blow.

The help is on its way

Immigrant business owners play a huge role in the US economy, and it is estimated that they contribute to 15 percent of business revenues in the US. We’re talking about more than $120 billion in revenue, and with numbers such as these, it isn’t surprising that small business owners have started talking to immigration lawyers to find out how they can protect their interests. As small business owners prepare to hire employees after having to let go of some immigrant workers, they would like to understand all laws and regulations about employee eligibility.

Also, an immigration lawyer can advise immigrants who would like to start a small business in the US about various types of visas that they can apply to get. Other services provided include assistance in with hiring and releasing workers and writing employment contracts. Small entrepreneurs can also receive legal services when they wish to buy or sell a business. Immigration attorneys can also assist when entrepreneurs want to register new businesses. With the newly elected President of the United States determined to push through with his immigration reforms, Immigration Lawyers will have their work cut out for them as they try to help small business owners make sense of it all.


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